• 12-24ft Industrial Ceilling Fan
Name:12-24ft Industrial Ceilling Fan
Max. Airflow:6300-13500 m3/m
Max Speed:52-86 RPM
Hanging Weight:90-125 Kg
Motor Power:1.1-1.5Kw
Noise Level:40dB

Product Description

The traditional big industrial ceiling fan is driven by an AC asynchronous motor which drives the reducer, thereby realizing the rotation of industrial large fans. It is designed specifically for use in industrial and commercial applications. This means that these large-span ceiling fan can move high volumes of air at low speeds. We offer a wide range of big ceiling fan solutions to meet all your expectations. Our durable, reliable HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) big industrial fans are powerful to cool any industrial space. With the balance of innovative fan design features and potent airflow, Sezoe big industrial ceiling fans are the excellent design solution that create  a comfortable temperature while maintaining energy efficiency for warehouses, manufacturing workshops, distribution centers, and agricultural applications.

ZoeWind W Series Big Industrial Ceiling Fans Specification

Model NumberDiameterNumber of AirfoilsMax. Speed (RPM)Motor Power (Kw)Max. Airflow (M3/Min)Hanging Weight (Kg)Noise Level at Max. Speed

Intelligent Variable-frequency Drive Control System

Integrated design, out-of-box ready to use

Compatible with various motors such as synchronous and asynchronous drive motors, and no need to replace other drivers for on-site upgrading and reforming

LCD digital display, small size (210*80*150mm), more space-saving 

Ultra-quiet, using sine wave noise reduction technology, high-carrier operation (up to 16K), and low-noise fan cooling, bringing ultra-quiet space.

Waterproof terminal blocks (IP68) are ensure the reliability of electrical appliances.

Remote control speed adjustment, start and stop operation can be realized through the combination of remote-control module and controller



CNC Cutting High-strength Aluminum Alloy Hub

The matching part of the motor shaft is made of 45 # steel forgings, which is first processed by CNC lathe to form the corresponding structure, then nested with ZL114 and cast together, and finally processed by the machining center

All-in-one Motor Reducer

Adopted LENZE/Siemens gear reduction motors, both of them are CE, CCC, ISO9001 and UL certificated. The motors comply with protection class IP55 against contact, dust and water splashes, and the noise level is less than 40 dBA. Siemens SIMOGEAR series gearmotors have high stability, large rated torque, smooth start-up and low loss characteristics, which guarantees the long-term stable and reliable of the reducer. According to the different requirements, we're able to tailor-made cost-effective and energy-saving industrial big ceiling fans for all clients.


T4 High-strength Petiole

The 5A06 high-strength magnesium alloy petiole has been endured to millions of fatigue tests to completely solve the problem of fan blades falling due to long-term metal fatigue fracture. 5A06 has good strength, corrosion resistance and machinability in non-heat-treated alloys.

Airfoil High-strength Aluminum-magnesium Alloy Fan Blades

Adopted special high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy, aerodynamic blade design, and special reinforced rib support system to increase the strength and flexibility.

The inner part of the blade is equipped with steel cable, and the reinforced rib supoort combination system can prevent the fan blade from breaking and falling (optional).

5, 6 and 8 blades for option.




The whole frame structure is extremely durable and reliable, which made of 6mm thick Q345 steel plate and all joints are processed and formed by fully welding process.

Safety Features

  1. The arc groove of the top plate can greatly adjust the angle of the extension rod to ensure that the fan is vertically downward to avoid the transmission of vibration and centrifugal force to the building.

  2. The L-shaped safety ring connects each fan blade as a whole to prevent the fan blade from falling accidentally.

  3. Two sets of reinforced rib support system inside the fan blade, there embedded steelwire rope, and connecting each blade through the body, avoiding the sagging of the tail end of the fan blade, reducing the fatigue loss of the fan blade to the connected components, and avoiding the accident caused by fan blade falling.

  4. The steelwire rope traction device, the stress intensity of each wire rope reach 1000kg, which keep the fan running stably reliably and without shaking under the huge inertia generated when fan rotates

  5. All fasteners are class 12.9 high-strength industrial bolts, Loctite thread locking agent to reinforce all screws, and the actual stress exceeds 10 times.

  6. The intelligent variable frequency drive control system comes with the protection of process, overvoltage, loss of pressure, undervoltage, overload and overheating to protect the motor and personnel safety. Once an abnormal situation occurs, the control system automatically alarms and the motor stops work immediately.

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