• Zoexcellent Direct-Drive PMS Industrial Fan
  • Zoexcellent Direct-Drive PMS Industrial Fan
  • Zoexcellent Direct-Drive PMS Industrial Fan
Name:Zoexcellent Direct-Drive PMS Industrial Fan
Max. Airflow:13700 M3/Min
Max Speed:60-112/RPM
Hanging Weight:17-58 Kg
Motor Power:0.5-1.5 Kw
Noise Level:37 dBA

Product Description

Sezoe EnviroTech is Your Leading Provider of HVLS Fans

When you know you are buying a product that helps your business, your customers, and the planet, that’s what good feels like. You have the power to save money and time. You have the ability to focus on what matters.

Zoexcellent is the premium 5-blade HVLS fan series that is designed for excellent efficiency with high energy saving feature. Zoexcellent fan comes with a new evolutionary PMSM motor and comes in four sizes 12ft, 16ft, 20ft and 22ft. Zoexcellent is the great choice for bigger spaces and for higher ventilation requirements.

Sezoe HVLS fans uses permanent magnet synchronous motor technology different from most HVLS Fans. Compared with traditional geared motor, PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) has lots of great advantages, such as high efficiency, long-life, low noise, free maintenance and wide range of speeds.Those advantages make PMSM have a wide range of applications in any field whether industrial, commercial and even in aerospace. Sezoe HVLS Fans use PMSM driving motor making it more advanced in HVLS industry.

Sezoe HVLS Industrial fans combines a series of comprehensive and advanced technologies such as aerodynamics, transmission mechanics. Sezoe team solved the challenge of large torque and low speed in HVLS industry.

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At Sezoe EnviroTech, we make products and offer solutions that not only save energy (and money) but increase your facility's efficiency by creating a safe, comfortable place to work, where employees are even more productive. 

In most large spaces, it’s very difficult to control heat. Heated air moves up- ward and form hot air layer that will cause the temperature to increase 1-2°C for every 1m in height. This issues in heat, and in some cases ventilation, means serious risks ranging from energy costs. More importantly, not being able to manage the temperature means decrease in productivity for workers and comfort. However, Sezoe EnviroTech solves this problem through high volume fans run at a low speed. It pushes the heat down removing the hot air layer. This natural wind solution also have added bonus.


Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Universal Voltage Input

Aircraft grade aluminum Blades

High Efficiency Airfoil

High Strength Hub Assembly

Auto-Interference Shut Off

Forward and Reverse Operation

Wall Mounted Controller

Safety Shut-Off Switch

10-Year Product Warranty

Zoexcellent Series PMSM Industrial Fan Specification

DiameterNumber of Airfoils
Max. Speed (RPM)Motor Power (Kw)

Max Airflow (M3/Min)

Hanging Weight (Kg)Noise Level at Max Speed

Zoexcellent Series Technical Advantages


Traditional Motor
Direct Drive PMSM
Motor Weight100 Kg40 Kg
Rotate Speed
35-55 PRM
20-60 PRM
Low Speed RunningThe motor heated up and accompanied by noiseThe motor has no temperature rise and no noise

Direct Drive PMSM Features

High Torque - With a torque of up to 200Nm, the motor can more easily and stably and reliably achieve large air volume output.

Low Energy Consumption - Direct drive permanent magnet synchronous motors only needs two-thirds of the power consumption of traditional motors to drive greater air volume and air circulation efficiency

Maintenance-free - No need to add gear lube, truly maintenance-free.

Ultra-quiet, Less Than 40 dB - The permanent magnet synchronous motor directly drive the fan blades, no decelerate box, eliminating the noise of gear meshing during operation, achieve ultra-quiet operation.

Small Size and Light Weight - 60% less weight than AC motor

Fan Applications

The Zoexcellent Series HVLS Ceiling Fans are ideally suited for cooling very large spaces such as:

Industrial SpaceFactory / Warehouse
Sports Centers/ArenasFitness Clubs / Gym / Athletic Training Stadium
Recreation and EntertainmentAmusement Park/ Zoos / Children’s Playground
Traffic HubRailway Station / Bus Station / Metro Station/ Lounge
Commercial PlaceExhibition Center/ Shops/ Large Wet Markets / Supermarkets
OthersHall / Villa / Restaurant / Museum / Outdoor Activities

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