• Zoexcellent X5 Series Industrial HVLS Fan with Outer Rotor IPM Synchoronous Motor
Name:Zoexcellent X5 Series Industrial HVLS Fan with Outer Rotor IPM Synchoronous Motor
Max. Airflow:14800 M3/Min
Max Speed:52-75/RPM
Hanging Weight:60-110 Kg
Motor Power:0.75-1.5 Kw
Noise Level:≤40 dBA

Product Description

We're the Leading Provider of Outer Rotor HVLS Fans

The permanent magnet outer rotor large HVLS fan Zoexcellent series is a new industrial large fan independently research and developed by Sezoe Envirotech and TX Fantech, which is controlled by a permanent magnet synchronous outer rotor direct drive motor, while achieving the performance of traditional industrial fans, it also has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, super- torque, ultra-quiet, stable and energy-efficient, maintenance-free, extra long lasting.

Zoexcellent X6 series is the premium 6-blade HVLS fan using an outer rotor PMSM technology without using a gear attached to the fan. The X6 series are designed for excellent efficiency with high energy saving feature, and they are the great choice for bigger spaces and for higher ventilation requirements.

Zoexcellent X6 outer rotor PMS (Permanent Magnet Synchronous) HVLS fan has a wide range of applications in any field whether industrial, commercial and even in aerospace.


At Sezoe EnviroTech, we make products and offer solutions that not only save energy (and money) but increase your facility's efficiency by creating a safe, comfortable place to work, where employees are even more productive. 

X5 Series HVLS Fan Features

Interior-buried Permanent Magnet Synchronous Outer Rotor Motor

Higher Torque Large Volume

New Visualizing Smart Control Systerm

20 years service life

Zoexcellent X5 Series IPM Outer Rotor Industrial HVLS Fan Specification

DiameterNumber of Airfoils
Max. Speed (RPM)Motor Power (Kw)

Max Airflow (M3/Min)

Hanging Weight (Kg)Noise Level at Max Speed
5750.75729860≤40 dBA
X5-49016ft/4.9m5651.01182075≤40 dBA
95≤40 dBA
X5-73024ft/7.3m5521.514800110≤40 dBA

Direct Drive IPMSM Features

Magnets are buried inside the rotor

More robust than the SPM

Good for high speed

Reluctance and magnetic torque

Outer Rotor IPMSM (Interior-buried Permanent Magnet Synchoronous Motor) Higher torque up to 285 N.m, the motor comply with protection class IP55 against dust and water splashes. 

The motor has high power density and small torque fluctuations. It can maintain stable control performance and accurate accuracy under high load and variable load conditions; it also has good dynamics and the fan output air volume is more stable and more efficiency.

Fan Applications

The Zoexcellent Series HVLS Ceiling Fans are ideally suited for cooling very large spaces such as:

Industrial SpaceFactory / Warehouse
Sports Centers/ArenasFitness Clubs / Gym / Athletic Training Stadium
Recreation and EntertainmentAmusement Park/ Zoos / Children’s Playground
Traffic HubRailway Station / Bus Station / Metro Station/ Lounge
Commercial PlaceExhibition Center/ Shops/ Large Wet Markets / Supermarkets
OthersHall / Villa / Restaurant / Museum / Outdoor Activities

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