• Permanent Magnet BLDC Commercial Ceiling Fans
  • Permanent Magnet BLDC Commercial Ceiling Fans
  • Permanent Magnet BLDC Commercial Ceiling Fans
Name:Permanent Magnet BLDC Commercial Ceiling Fans
Motor Color:Black/Silver
Blade Color:Blue / Black / Silver / Yellow / Red /Green
Noise Level:37dB
Speed:20-80 RPM

Product Description

Smaller body size HVLS ceiling fan with high air volume which have benefits year-round by creating a more comfortable environment while saving on energy bills. HVLS Commercial ceilings fans help circulate air in warehouses, garages, workshops, retail spaces, gymnasiums and more. They create a cooling effect that may allow you to set your thermostat a few degrees higher or, depending upon the climate in your area, avoid running the air conditioner at all. In the winter, they can be used for destratification - a process that mixes warm air from the ceiling with cooler air at the floor to relieve the pressure on your heating units.


Fan Applications

The Commercial HVLS Ceiling Fans are ideally suited for cooling very large spaces such as:

Industrial SpaceFactory / Warehouse
Sports Centers/ArenasFitness Clubs / Gym / Athletic Training Stadium
Recreation and EntertainmentAmusement Park/ Zoos / Children’s Playground
Traffic HubRailway Station / Bus Station / Metro Station/ Lounge
Commercial PlaceExhibition Center/ Shops/ Large Wet Markets / Supermarkets
OthersHall / Villa / Restaurant / Museum / Outdoor Activities

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