What is PMSM?
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What is PMSM?

PMSM is permanent magnet synchronous motor. What is called permanent magnet, refers to adding permanent magnets when manufacturing the rotor of the motor, further improving the pwerformance of the motor. The synchronous means that the rotation speed of the rotor is always consistent with the electric current frequency of the stator winding. Permanent magnet motors have higher power to weight ratio, smaller size, lighter weight, greater output torque than other types of motors, and the motor's limit speed and braking performance are also excellent, so it is the most used motor in electric products at present. 

What Are the Characteristics of PMSM Fans?

1. Motor Transmission Efficiency Greatly Improved - The electric current of permanent magnet synchronous motor is low, and the copper consumption of the stator of the motor is smaller, so compared with asynchronous motor, the efficiency and transmission ration are higher.

2. Wider Adjustable Speed Range - Present, the common 7.3m diameter fans in the market which speed range is usually 20-50 RPM, and the Zoexcellent series HVLS fan from Sezoe fans based on the powerful PMSM power output system and control technology, the infinitely variable speed range is expanded to 10-52 RPM.

3. Low Noise and Ultra-quiet - The Zoexcellent series fan are use the advanced PMSM technology to reduce the noise to 38.5dB, which is a really low noise.

4. Powerful - The Zoexcellent series HVLS fan adopts the advanced PMSM technology and a low-speed high-torque drive motor, which can meet any torque recovery or auxiliary braking within the peak torque, eliminating the friction energy consumption of the decelerator, and the maximum torque reaches 220 N.m. The most powerful advantage of the Zoexcellent series fan is its air volume, which reaches 810000m³ /h when fully loaded, and 30% higher air volume than ordinary fan.

5.The Zoexcellent series Direct Drive PMSM adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction, double-bearing transmission, completely sealed, truly maintenance-free. The traditonal AC motor needs change gear lube regularly that is troublesome and non-ecnomical.

6. Small and Elegant - Small means little space occuping which reduce the space requirements while instalation. The elegant design of Zoexcellent big ceiling fan which is more like a piece of art.