Openning Space.png

Semi Openning Space

Efficiently Promote Air Renewal

In a semi-open space, the fan driving the roof air downward that allowing outdoor fresh air fill the negatie pressure area of the roof acutomatically, which provide a large amount of cooler fresh air for the work area.

Enclosed Space.png

Enclosed Space

Drive Large-scale Air Circulation

There is no air flow in the enclosed space that will make people feel dull. The HVLS fan drive large amount of air flow to cover every corner which help the enclosed space to form an air circulation that make a feeling of breeze and bring comfortabl.

Multi-Fan Running.png

Multi-fan Running

Form Air Circulation Group

When the space are is large, it is difficult for a single fan to effectively provide cooling and air renewal effects. If use Multi-fans running together, the air circulation group could be formed which effectively cool the space and refreshing the air.