Make Environmental Control Easier With HVLS Fans
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Many companies encounter big problems in environmental control, especially in large spaces such as warehouses and factories. They must ensure high-quality products without sacrificing worker comfort and safety in large open environments. Sezoe's high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans have revolutionized the way managers think and solve environmental controls.

HVLS fan VS High-speed fan

Most people believe that high-speed fans are used to improve air quality and environmental control in larger areas. However, there are some problems with these types of fans, including:

Almost no additional cooling air speed is provided.

Expensive operating costs.

Destructive and unpleasant air flow.

The number of fans required for effective cooling.

HVLS fan and environmental control

Sezoe HVLS fans can be used alone or as a supplement to traditional HVAC systems. HVLS fans bring considerable rewards for employees' comfort and energy saving.

The main advantages of HVLS fans and their impact on the warehouse and large space environment are

Improve employee health and comfort.

Save energy and save related operating costs.

Reduce pollutants in the facility.

Employee health and comfort

With HVLS fans, employees will feel much cooler, especially in the relatively hot and humid tropical climate throughout the year. This enables the facility to operate without sacrificing employee comfort or operational productivity. The application of HVLS fans can also reduce problems such as sweating flat syndrome (SSS) and sick building syndrome (SBS).

Save energy and reduce costs

HVLS fans can be used to cool or reduce the temperature of the equipment to save a lot of energy. The amount of energy saved by the user is so great that the fan actually paid for itself quickly.

One HVLS fan can replace more than 25 smaller high-speed fans. In this case, the energy and cost savings are indeed considerable. 

When used with an air conditioning system, HVLS fans make the area feel much cooler. You can even set the thermostat higher without reducing the environmental comfort. For every 1 degree Celsius rise, you can save 7% of energy.

HVLS fans will bring you and your company easier environmental control. Your employees will be healthier, happier, safer and more productive.