The cooling effect of industrial fans in detail, and what are the influencing factors?
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Talk about the cooling effect of industrial fans in detail, and what are the influencing factors?

Industrial fans are widely used in large industrial plants, warehousing and logistics centers, conference centers, airports, sports and fitness venues, gymnasiums, theaters, large exhibition halls, auditoriums, steel structure factories, stockbreeding, farming and other fields, whether in summer or winter, Industrial big fans have brought tremendous convenience to our lives, but some people still have questions about the cooling effect of industrial big fans. Let's briefly explain to you the following.

Cooling effect of industrial fan

The large industrial fan is cooled by the principle of high air volume and low speed, and the power consumption is only 1/8 of the traditional air conditioner; and this potential is a physical phenomenon from nature, while continuously sending a lot of fresh air that can make air circulation, though the high temperature outside and a large amount of heat generated during the production process, the cool and comfortable working environment still be maintained in the workshop.

1. Good air quality

Industrial large fan ventilates, purifies, discharges odor, and cools down into one, increasing the oxygen content of the air and improving the working efficiency. The new wind operates under positive pressure, filtering the dust which under 80% microne  in the air, removing unpleasant gases, and effectively preventing "air conditioning disease".

2. Adjust the humidity

Humidity adjustment for workplaces that require increased humidity.

3. Low investment and high efficiency

Compared with evaporative air cooler installed in the same area, the HVLS fan are 1/5 of the total investment in evaporative air cooler

4. Wide range of use

HVLS fans widely used in places with dense personnel, production places with heating equipment or high temperature heat sources, places with polluting gas, strong odor or dust, and places with high air quality requirements.

Factors affecting the cooling of industrial fans

1. Motor performance and fan structure

The reason why special industrial large fan equipment is needed for cooling in some occasions is because the heat energy generated by the machine or the heat energy generated by the weather is too high, therefore, customized large ceiling fans with high-performance motors are needed to achieve cooling purpose.

2. Design of the overall cooling system

Under normal circumstances, the space for large-scale heat dissipation and cooling needs multiple industrial large fan equipment to work together for effective heat dissipation. This requires that the design of the entire heat dissipation equipment matrix conform to the principles of kinetic energy and air flow. Industrial big fan brand manufacturers generally have a wealth of case precipitation, which means that it can often create a suitable custom industrial big fan system for different industrial or commercial spaces.

3. The Scientific nature of operation and use

After the industrial big fan system is officially built, the regional managers are generally required to be fully familiar with the system cooling principle, and ensure that each operation and use meet the requirements of the customized industrial big fan from the power and operation. This is the key for the customized industrial fan to be better qualified for cooling and heat dissipation.

In summary, because the industrial big fan has fewer blades, the air flow will take time that will make people feel the wind is intermittent, similar to the soft gusts of nature. Sezoe engaged in large-scale industrial energy-saving fan research and development, production, sales and after-sales service, worthy of your trust, welcome to contact with us for more information.