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Ultralong and Ultralight Airfoil Blades

Fatigue resistance, Resilient and Sturdy Structure

High-strength aviation titanium aluminum magnesium alloy material, 

reliable structural strengthening design, scientific material 

post-processing technology, make the fan blade with good toughness 

and strength, international inspection agency certified, with first-class

safety level.


Sturdy Main Frame

Sturdy, Reliable and Rigorous

The aluminum-magnesium alloy main frame ensures the stability and 

reliability of the fan. There are 6 soft links for shock absorption at the 

connection parts to ensure that each connection part is safe enough 

and ensure that it will not ageing and rusting within 10 years of life.


Reverse Thighting Bolts

Simple, Reliable, Racing grade

The connection of motor compartment and host is the reverse 

connection way of racing wheel hub, the tighter the rotation. Adopts 

imported maintenance-free oil-free bearings, and completes the 

balance test of the whole motor, rotates smoothly, eliminate the hidden dangers of aging and maintenance costs caused by running fatigue.


High-strength Fasteners

Top-level, Anti-off, Full Inspection, Standard

High-strength stainless steel bolts have been fully tested and verified, 

the anti-falling nuts are additionally protected. Each screw is locked to a standard torque with a torque meter. Safe and standard operation, 

strictly in accordance with the construction standards of aerial work, 

fully guarantee the safety.


Security Components

Multiple Protection, Attention to Details

The patented safety suspension design, when the screw is locked, once the shape of the aluminum alloy changes, then it will be unlocked, 

avoiding the hidden dangers in long-term use. The pulling traction 

guy-wire fully enhances the protection function and reduces the 

possibility of hidden danger to zero.


Airfoil Blade Soft Connection

Flexible medium, Stress Release

The high-frequency vibration generated during the operation of the fan blades makes the connection parts fatigue, and long-term work will 

cause structural damage or even fracture. The patented fan blade soft 

connection which adopts the principle of helicopter rotor structure, 

uses long-life flexible PU as the connection medium to filter the motion resonance and avoid potential hazards.