Our HVLS Ceiling fans has superior advantages in industrial applications, and they are the ideal solution of ventilation and cooling for large commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, processing and assembly plants, warehouses, large dairy/poultry sheds, sports arenas, aircraft hangars, or any other large indoor or outdoor facilities.

Processing and Assembly Plants
Manufacturing Workshops

HVLS Fans For Automobile 4S Store - Save money on 

energy, cool customer and employees happy and make more deals

HVLS fan for Sports Arenas - Make spectators comfort, 

and meanwhile favorable the athlete improve playing score


Warehousing and Logistics - De-stratify the air and 

balance temperatures, Save money on Energy

Large Dinning Center - Cooling and energy saving, 

Improving customer comfort

For Gym - Increasing comfort and saving moneyHVLS fan for dairy barn - Get more milk with cooler air