• 5 feet - 8 feet Zoemob Portable HVLS Floor Industrial Fan
Name:5 feet - 8 feet Zoemob Portable HVLS Floor Industrial Fan
Max. Airflow:2553 M3/Min
Max Speed:120-360/RPM
Hanging Weight:96-136 Kg
Motor Power:0.75-1.1 Kw
Noise Level:43 dBA

Product Description

Zoemob Series portable HVLS industrial floor fan direct droven by permanet magnet synchronous motor, which has large air volume output and provide a long-distance air reach. Zoemob is built out of hevay-duy steel structure that ensure its strong and long-lasting, the fan base equiped with universal wheel that can be moved anywhere, ideal for the places where fans can't be hanged on ceilings or mounted on walls.

Zoemob portable industrial floor fan is easy to assemble and use, it has pre-assembled and tested in factory, protective cage is just need your connection, bolt on the heavy duty locking swivel casters and plug it into the standard 220V 3A outlet.

Zoemob Series HVLS Industrial Floor Fan Features

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Direct-drive Outer Rotor Motor

Higher Torque, Large Air Volume

Long-distance airflow supplying

Equiped with universal wheel, movable around to anywhere

Heavy-duty steel structure, durable and long-lasting

20 years service life

Zoemob M6 Series Industrial Floor Fan Specification

DiameterNumber of Airfoils
Max. Speed (RPM)Motor Power (Kw)

Max Airflow (M3/Min)

Weight (Kg)Noise Level at Max Speed

Fan Applications

The Zoexcellent Series HVLS Ceiling Fans are ideally suited for cooling very large spaces such as:

Industrial SpaceFactory / Warehouse
Sports Centers/ArenasFitness Clubs / Gym / Athletic Training Stadium
Recreation and EntertainmentAmusement Park/ Zoos / Children’s Playground
Traffic HubRailway Station / Bus Station / Metro Station/ Lounge
Commercial PlaceExhibition Center/ Shops/ Large Wet Markets / Supermarkets
OthersHall / Villa / Restaurant / Museum / Outdoor Activities

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